Version 1.1 - Last updated 23 November 2009

Accessibility Statement

Heineken UK is committed to making its website fully accessible. Using the guidelines set out by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) we aim to have our website conform to a WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) rating of 'A'.

Website Accessibility Options

The Heineken UK website has the following features and controls built in to it which will help us to maintain a high level of accessibility that will comply to W3C WAI 'A' standards.

CSS & HTML markup complies with W3C guidelines up to priority 2

Access keys are used as keyboard shortcuts

A hidden 'jump to content' link is used allowing the user to skip over the main navigation directly to the main content of the page

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that allow the user to jump to selected parts of a website.
This website uses the following access keys;

How to use Access Keys

Access Keys work differently depending on the software and platform that is being used. The following is a guide on how to use keyboard shortcuts with different system platforms and web browsers.

Access keys with a PC or Apple MAC platforms

Using Access keys on a PC with Microsoft Windows:
If you are using Windows pressing the ' Alt ' key in combination with the access key will highlight that link on the page, you then press ' Enter ' to select that link.

Using Access keys on an Apple Mac:
If you are using a Mac pressing the ' Ctrl ' key in combination with the access key will automatically send you to that specific page.

Using Access keys with different Web Browsers:
As mentioned before access key controls behave differently with different web browsers. The following is a guide to how different browsers handle this feature.

Using Access keys with Internet Explorer
Using Access keys with Netscape & Firefox
Using Access keys with Safari or Opera
Browser Accessibility Options

It is useful to note that you can also use your browser options to change the layout of the website you are viewing. Generally, depending on the browser you are using you can change things like text size, colours and sometimes even upload your own style sheet.

The following guidelines explain how to do this with the most commonly used browsers.

Internet Explorer:
Internet Explorer has a wide range of accessible options.

Firefox has the following options.