HEINEKEN Recruitment Journey

Our future success at HEINEKEN UK depends on the skills, experience and determination of our people.

As part of the HEINEKEN team, you’ll help to drive forward our business and your own career.

To make sure we have the right people in place, we’ve tailored our recruitment process so we can really get to know about each other.

Your recruitment journey begins with completing your application.

Our Resourcing Team and Hiring Manager will review your background and skill sets to see if there’s a good match for the roles that we have. If we think there’s a possible fit – great.  The first step may be a video interview that you can complete at a time that suits you. We don’t expect professional, polished answers at this stage, but it lets us see what makes your eyes sparkle and gives us a good flavour of what you could bring to the role.

Alternatively, sometimes we ask for a coffee chat – a 30 minute face-to-face meeting where we can gauge information similar to our video interviews – this two way conversation and visit on site might just be a bit more helpful to get things moving.

You’ll then be invited to a face-to-face competency interview shaped around our HEINEKEN behaviours and our Leadership Expectations, depending on the role that you’re applying for. This will take at least an hour and will involve two colleagues. We don’t want you to be nervous, we’re obviously interested if we’ve invited you to this stage, and we find that viewing this as a more in-depth ‘conversation’ rather than an interview will help you relax and show us your true self. We’ll also send you some tips with your invitation to help you prepare.

During this competency interview, you may also be asked to do a brief 10 minute presentation, based on a topic given in advance. The presentation will be followed by questions.

If we have a number of roles/candidates to screen at the same time, you may be invited to an assessment centre.

This may include face-to-face interviews, group exercises, role play and presentations created on the day.

After all that - if there’s a great fit, we’ll be excited to make you an offer. Hopefully you’ll accept and we’ll ensure that we’ve your Right to Work documents for the UK (sorry but we don’t sponsor candidates) and we’ll then send out an electronic contract (no postal issues to worry about). After reviewing you’ll be able to send your contract back with just a few clicks and then we’re all sorted!

If on this occasion, we don’t believe we’re the right match - we will let you know.  As you’ve taken the time to apply, it’s only right that we get back to you in a timely manner to let you know the outcome of your application.